Miss & Mister Brazil USA

Marco Polo Beach Resort

Sunny Isles Beach

We bring 29 years of experience in the Fashion Modeling and Beauty Industries.

Welcome to the biggest beauty event to celebrate the international Brazilian women and men.

Something unlike anything you’ve seen with a new philosophy and design.
The event is not just a beauty contest. It is much more than that..

Over those years it has become an efficient showcase for exposing the beauty of young Brazilian women and men looking for opportunities in the world of fashion, media and unprecedented openness around the world.
The beauty of Brazilian women and men shown to the world Miss And Mister Brasil USA is an annual event, created and produced annually by Epoca Enterprise Inc. that started many years ago, with the purpose of promoting the beauty and talent of Brazilian women and men.

The social event showed the Brazilian culture with the expression of the language, entertainment, media niche, participants and all associates, from sponsors to viewers, being from Portuguese and Spanish society.
Today’s event is a very different picture!
Due to the continued success of the event, Miss And Mister Brazil USA has expanded to attract a wider audience, outside the Brazilian community. This large-scale event brings together candidates from almost all American states represented in the contest, through the support of major prominent sponsors, with support from the media on television and in the press and seen by thousands of people supporting the event in America and Brazil , exploded to reach both English and Spanish speaking communities.
The contest is a competition that shows the beauty of Brazilian women in the United States. These women demonstrate their individuality with character, personality, values, career and humanitarian goals, in addition to showing physical beauty with a focus on health and fitness.
The pure nature of this event attracts a wide audience of people who follow the smallest preliminary contests in individual cities, for the grand main event of the “Miss Brasil EUA” coronation. The opportunities for sponsors to promote their products and services are exceptional, with marketing activities conducted throughout the year online and printed in a local magazine and press, plus thousands of dollars in media for the main event, via television, web, email, direct mail and social event media.

Miss Brasil USA

18-30 yrs of age

Mister Brasil USA

18-30 yrs of age

Miss & Mister Brazil USA Teen

13-17 yrs of Age

Miss & Mister Brazil USA Kids

8-12 yrs of age

Miss Brazil USA Plus Size

12- 35 yrs of age

Mister Brazil USA Fitness

All ages

Miss Brazil USA Fitness

All ages


  • Hair and Makeup
  • Event T-shirt
  • Swimwear
  • Modeling Workshop
  • Photoshoot
  • hotel
  • food


Miss & Mister Brazil USA

At The Macro Polo Beach Resort

Second Row VIP

  • 2nd Row Premium Seating

Front Row VIP

  • Front Row VIP seating

Daniele Quigley

CEO & Founder

Ilia Leshchenko

CBO & Partner

Maison A.Z. Araujo

Fashion Designer

Marisa Queiroz

Stage Manager


Back Cover ……………….. US$ 2,000.00

Second Cover……………… US$ 1,500.00

Third Cover………………...  US$ 1,500,00

Full Page…………………...    US$ 1,200.00

Half Page………………….    .US$   700.00

1/4 Page……………………     US$    400.00

Both Page Banner………….US$ 500.00

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